In-Site is a computerized personnel accountability system. It operates on a tablet PC, notebook or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). In-Site can operate by itself on one PDA, Tablet, or Notebook. It can also operate in concert with other In-Site users at the fire ground.Click here for a detailed page description.








FIRST-5 is a state and FEMA certified NFIRS reporting system that is extremely easy to use. When FIRST-5 is used by itself, typical incident reports are completed in less than 5 minutes. When implemented with our PREP dispatching system, NFIRS incident reports are typically completed in less than 2 minutes. That frees up your officers for more important assignments. Click here for a detailed page description.






PREP has been the dispatch software of choice since 1988 when it was first introduced. It has grown from a DOS product to a fully windows compatible system rich in features and still very affordable. PREP users agree – it is the easiest to use dispatching system available in the market. PREP is intuitive – it operates the way you do. Click here for a detailed page description.