FIRST-5 is a state and FEMA certified NFIRS reporting system that is extremely easy to use. When FIRST-5 is used by itself, typical incident reports are completed in less than 5 minutes. When implemented with our PREP dispatching system, NFIRS incident reports are typically completed in less than 2 minutes. That frees up your officers for more important assignments.

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FIRST-5 is FEMA certified to version 5 of the National Fire Incident Reporting standard. It is fast, easy to use and made for busy departments. It was designed to be intuitive and to “think” the way you do.

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 FIRST-5 uses an “Incident Wizard” that intelligently guides you through the completion of an incident report. Reports are completed quickly, accurately, and do not require the use of reference manuals. The “Incident Wizard” prompts you only for the data required by FEMA. Most incidents are completed in just a few minutes and are one or two pages in length. As you enter incident data, FIRST-5 continually displays a window showing the status of the report. Omissions or errors are quickly corrected using the built in navigation tool.

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A new FIRST-5 user will complete most incident reports in less than 7 minutes. A FIRST-5 user with one week of experience will complete most reports in less than 3 minutes.

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FIRST-5 was designed to save you time. It is the fastest incident reporting system available today.

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