Every incident commander understands the gaping hole in today’s personnel accountability systems – knowing where your personnel are at all times.

In-Site Staging Rehab

Now you can toss the clipboard system – there’s an affordable replacement that does it all and does it well. Vernon Software Systems, Inc. has developed In-Site a personnel accountability system that puts firefighter safety in the palm of your hand.


In-Site is a computerized personnel accountability system. It operates on a tablet PC, notebook or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). In-Site can operate by itself on one PDA, Tablet, or Notebook. It can also operate in concert with other In-Site users at the emergency scene.

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In-Site is an easy-to-use personnel accountability system that tracks everyone on the emergency scene all the time. It tracks your own departments personnel, as well as personnel from mutual aid departments, from the time they enter the emergency scene until the time they leave the emergency scene.

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In-Site uses wireless communications to share personnel and assignment information with other In-Site users that may be on the emergency scene. All personnel activity and assignments are also saved in a database for reporting purposes after the incident has terminated.

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In-Site includes a rehab management feature that tracks personnel in the Rehab area. Individual vitals are recorded for all personnel in the rehab area.

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In-Site tracks personnel in Sectors, Rehab, Staging, LZ, Water Supply, RIT, Safety Officer, Command, Operations, truck assignments, and support personnel. In-Site can also be customized by the user to meet local tracking requirements.

In-Site Staging Rehab Overview

In-Site compliments the national incident command system is NIMS compliant and eliminates the “Freelancing” problem. In-Site is both reactive and pro-active – one that sounds the alarm when a problem has occurred and one that warns you of potential problems. It operates in real time and indicates the location of everyone at the scene of an incident. Their movements from staging to the emergency scene are tracked in detail and recorded in the incident log. In-Site automatically checks individual qualifications as you make assignments to ensure those personnel are qualified for the proposed assignments and warn you of conflicts.

In-Site provides you with detailed accounting of the events that occur at the incidents you respond to. A comprehensive report is available for every incident. You will be able to use the reports to improve the safety of your members and the quality of your responses. Reports can also accompany injured fire fighters that are transported to treatment centers.

In-Site includes a digital messaging system that lets you send text messages to other In-Site users.