PREP has been the dispatch software of choice since 1988 when it was first introduced. It has grown from a DOS product to a fully windows compatible system rich in features and still very affordable. PREP users agree – it is the easiest to use dispatching system available in the market. PREP is intuitive – it operates the way you do.

Prep Call Taker

PREP saves you time – it saves you searching through run cards, SOP’s, and binders for the information you need. PREP manages all the preplans in your center and makes them instantly available when needed. PREP organizes the data you need to do your job and provides you with easy-to-use, navigation tools that find and display the information you need.

Prep Map

PREP tracks all the apparatus in your response district. A detailed log is automatically initiated for each incident identifying all responding apparatus as well as the transition times of each vehicle. PREP even tracks apparatus from other communities and organizations as well as utility company vehicles and special services emergency teams.

PREP includes a powerful mapping feature that displays the location of an emergency. It will also display locally developed data in the Arcview format. That means that the valuable data on your communities GIS maps will also be instantly available to dispatchers when needed.

Dispatchers are free from some of the mundane dispatching tasks when PREP is in use. Alphanumeric pages are dynamically created and sent by PREP with no assistance from the dispatcher. Mutual aid communities are also automatically paged when their apparatus is called into service.

Prep Radio Log

PREP saves you from having to complete NFIRS reports. PREP builds NFIRS version 5 compliant incident reports automatically using caller, preplan, and response data. Returning fire officers typically complete a PREP initiated incident report in less than 2 minutes.

Preplan data can be automatically sent to responding apparatus using the wireless communications features built into PREP. Apparatus lap tops and tablets display response data and maps before the apparatus leaves the station.

PREP has numerous configuration options that let you configure it to exactly match your needs. PREP adapts to a variety of run cards and includes the ability to import preplan information from other systems.

Available in both single and multi-user, networked version, PREP can be used by individual fire departments as well as mutual aid centers. PREP was designed specifically to accommodate multiple dispatchers each handling multiple calls.